Alejandro Muiños is an Argentine artist who is inspired by the beauty and the spirit of Latino culture throughout the Americas.

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1962.

As a Profesor Nacional de Pintura (National Professor of Painting), he graduated from Argentina’s National Superior School of Fine Arts in 1988. He studied drawing and painting under prominent Argentine artist Juan Carlos Distefano, and drawing and composition under Argentine sculptor Aurelio Macchi.

He was a professional photographer for the National Academy of Fine Arts, directing the register of objects of art for the Patrimonio Nacional (National Patrimony) of the Republic of Argentina. He created the Taller Amarillo (a studio workshop), which he has long directed to develop the teaching of plastic art elements under the rubric of “The Expressive Study of Form and Color”.

He functions as Titular Professor of the OTAV Dibujo Chair of the U.N.A. National university of Art.

He shows his works nationally and internationally, both singularly and collectively, and has been associated with the prestigious Coppa Oliver Gallery, Buenos Aires, with numerous prizes and distinctions.